Unified first 100 day servicing playbook

International service design for T-Mobile’s first unified pan-european offering
Lead Service Design Consultant

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Research design
Participative research
Field research
Workshop design
Workshop facilitation
Prototyping and testing
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Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile’s parent company) is Europe’s leading telecommunications provider with 73,1 billion euros in revenue, 50 national companies and 60 million customers.


Deutsche Telekom set out to design an omnichannel customer care experience for a new upmarket offering launched in 7 countries across Europe.


The project team consisted of representatives from DT and the directors of customer experience of the participating 7 countries.


The new premium care journey increased customer satisfaction by 22%.

  • We designed a remote service design process with in-person workshops at key points of the process.
  • An initial scoping workshop mapped the customer journey stages and the areas of improvement (installation, first use, billing, cc, in-store experience).
  • Remote research conducted by our team collected the best practices from the participating countries.
  • We assembled a unified ideal customer journey from the best practices.
  • We prepared a cookbook of practices to aid the national companies to implement the unified customer journey.
  • New experimental solutions were prototyped and evaluated at different countries.

How I did in this project?

Francis was an integral part of the Service design and Innovation team at Isobar Budapest, where we have worked together, and he was my favorite neighbor at our desk. He has deep understanding of both service an UX design, with great personal skills for bringing the user-centered perspective to the decision makers' table. He is eager to share his knowledge and keen on learning from others. He has a bright, open and balanced personality that has always put an ease on our work even when we were under pressure. I think every work place needs a colleague like him.

Judit Boros
Service Designer, Isobar Budapest