This is Service Design Doing book contribution

Contributing to the sequel of service design’s seminal black book

Writing and editing
As a solo consultant in partnership with


‘This is Service Design Doing‘ is a sequel to ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ - a service design book with a huge following and impact.

In 2017 I’ve got invited by Adam Lawrence to contribute to a chapter about workshop facilitation.

Photos of our team’s work at Isobar and my comments on the types of spaces workshops need made it to the book.

As one whose love of service design was ignited by ‘This is Service Design Doing’, having my fingerprint on its sequel is rewarding beyond words.

How I did in this project?

I worked with Francis both in the context of the non-profit Global Service Jam, and while he helped as volunteer editor and sparring partner during the creation process of the book "This is Service Design Doing". Francis has always been extremely helpful and reliable, able to combine a relaxed and warm manner with perfect professionalism. He has expert knowledge which he is able to express in everyday language, and works proactively to fix potential snags before they happen. All in all Francis is a wonderful colleague, and I look forward to many more opportunities to cooperate with him.

Adam StJohn Lawrence
Co-author of This is Service Design Doing, Partner at WorkPlayExperience