Combined invoicing and inventory service MVP

Helping a team of e-commerce veterans to turn their custom in-house solution into a product
Lead Product Designer

People management
Project scoping
Project planning
Stakeholder management
Design management
Research design
Field research
Workshop design
Workshop facilitation
Prototyping and testing
Presenting and documenting work
As a solo consultant in partnership with

Digital product design, branding and communication agency



The founders had extensive insights on what makes an invoicing solution work for retailers.

Where they needed help, is choosing a first target market and designing a first MVP for it.


As a contracting Product Design Lead I led Why Partners' senior team of UX designers, UI designers and Communication experts.


The prototypes made the founders’ concept tangible, which helped them pitch their service to prospects and early-adopters.

  1. We first looked for a market segment, that would pay for even a subset of their planned features.
  2. After a series of interviews, contextual inquiries, customer journey mapping and data crunching (market data, competitor analysis) two MVP candidates emerged.
  3. We went forward with the MVP most inline with the founders’ market familiarity.
  4. The final step was designing the actual MVP. We designed the information architecture, flows, functional and high-fi wireframes (Sketch, Invision). Together with our branding experts we developed an initial brand strategy.
Contextual inquiry with a sole proprietor
Mapping customer archetypes based on the UVP's dimensions
Map of key customer segments and their adoption paths in relation to the key two Unique Value Proposition identified
Invoicing customer journey for mid-sized company
Archetype of an MVP candidate customer
Hi-fi wireframe of the invoice list with a chart of total value invoiced
Hi-fi wireframe of the invoice
Final UI design for the dashboard's cash-flow overview
Brand book excerpt: logo design
Design research archetypes informing the launch communication strategy

During the contextual inquiries I learned that invoicing for SMEs is habitual and its tool is of small importance. These two qualities made getting people to adopt a new invoicing solution really hard.
The customer journeys highlighted moments where the MVP could tap into existing habit triggers and contexts where customers were open for communication.
These factors profoundly affected market development opportunities, therefore played a crucial role in choosing the initial target segment for the first MVP.

How I did in this project?

Francis was great help to us. We have worked together on fintech, ecommerce and saas products and he turned out to be an excellent research planner and ux strategist. It’s always fun working with him, both for us and our clients - an invaluable asset in meetings, workshops and also in the design process.

Adam Horn
Co-founder of Why Partners