T‑Mobile public web maintenance

Designed landing pages for new services and subscription packages
Lead Product Designer

People management
Project scoping
Project planning
Stakeholder management
Design management
Research design
Field research
Workshop design
Workshop facilitation
Prototyping and testing
Presenting and documenting work
As a solo consultant in partnership with

Isobar is 6,500 people in 85 locations across 45 markets globally, united as one. Our mission is to transform businesses, brands and people's lives with the creative use of digital.


Hungary's leading telecommunications company providing integrated TV, landline, internet and mobile services with more than 10,000 employees to its 5+ million customers


The maintenance projects were rapid design tasks with short deadlines. Each task was assigned to one UX designer, so these were solo-projects in essence.


The typical process from my perspective looked like this:

  • Scoping the project with the sponsor and the stakeholders
  • Budgeting, developing a proposal
  • Managing the deadline, client correspondence
  • Desk research, and a little research (mostly friends of friends, because of the lack of time)
  • Wireframing in Axure
  • As much usability testing as time allowed
  • Presenting the design and iterating on it
  • After acceptance, handing the design over to the UI and site build team
  • Quality assurance during implementation

I did not have access to conversion or visit numbers, but it was very motivating that my work reached millions of T-Mobile customers, including my friends and family.

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