NutriMonster: Spatial grocery packaging prototype

MIT Reality Hack: How would grocery packaging look like if it would be a spatial experience?

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How could we inform grocery shoppers on nutritional value when they make their purchasing decisions at the store?

  • the average grocery store in the US carries 40.000 items
  • 75% of grocery purchasing decisions are made at the store
  • the primary source of infoirmation on the grocery item is its physical packaging
  • physical packaging is often highlights brand and emotional value, while hides nutritional information


Spatial packaging recognizes and replaces goods' physical packaging with one that highlight's nutritional information istead of the brand.


  • Phyisical packaging is covered by a spatial packaing experience to lower information overload, and direct attention to nutritional value
  • Information density changes as a shopper gets closer to the packaging (nutritional score --> key nutritional warnings --> detailed information)
  • Creatures representing key nutritional values flip the branding narrative and facilitates an emotional connection between shoppers and nutriments
  • Use of standard nutritional information visualizations (nutriscore, Chilean nutritional warning standard)


  • Vuforia recognizes the product packaging (image targets)
  • Nutrient data is sourced dynamically from's REST API
  • Vufora allowed us to target several devices with one Unity project
  • Mobile AR app is ready for near term adoption
  • Magic Leap AR headset based app allows for seamless grocery browsing and discovery experience


  • Personalized information based on IoT data
  • Location independent shopping experience
  • Virtual beings increasing communication efficiency
  • Decrease waste by making physical packaging obsolete

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