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As a Senior Service Designer at Scotiabank's Digital Factory
Senior Service Designer

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Participative research
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How I did in this project?

Francis and I worked together at the Scotiabank Digital Factory. His disciplined design practice is backed up with a working knowledge of how services actually work, front to back. His awareness of both the external and internal environments is unsurpassed, despite the fact they are always shifting so quickly. He is an autonomous team player with true vision and an ability to establish and shift contexts with agility and aplomb. His mentorship flows through his ability to deliver within a team context--he’s a true pleasure to work with! In a sea of emerging service designers, Francis is the real deal with the clear capacity to initiate and drive true transformation.

Michael Schaus
Senior Design Strategist, Scotiabank's Digital Factory

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate Francis within the Digital Factory at Scotiabank. Francis consistently puts the user at the centre of the design process, making experiences and journeys as usable as possible in order to provide the best possible customer experience. His ability to turn complex, multi-dimensional problems into digestible and actionable solutions which are strategic in nature is truly amazing. Thank you Francis!

Winston Tu
Design Director, Scotiabank's Digital Factory

I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Francis at Scotiabank Digital Factory. As the sole service designer in our design community, Francis was a mentor and thought leader in the space, bringing a unique macro view to projects. His insatiable curiosity and thoughtful design explorations led me to seek his guidance on repeated occasions. I would be thrilled to work with Francis again in any capacity and look forward to one day doing so.

Martina Rosati
UX Design Lead, Scotiabank's Digital Factory