E-commerce payment flow redesign

Solo UX consultancy project to enable millions of customers to pay for T‑Mobile's services on their phone.
Solo Consultant

Lead generation
Project scoping
Project planning
Stakeholder management
Closing sales
Presenting and documenting work
As a solo consultant in partnership with

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Hungary's leading telecommunications company providing integrated TV, landline, internet and mobile services with more than 10,000 employees to its 5+ million customers


T-Mobile’s web stores used a unified payment module. While the stores supported mobile devices, the module was not responsive, hurting conversions.


It was a solo project, where I was responsible for every aspect of the project from budgeting, through client correspondence to the actual design work to be done:

Project management
  • client correspondence
  • scoping
  • budgeting
  • stakeholder mapping
  • stakeholder interviews
  • mapping business needs
  • mapping user needs
  • collecting use-cases
  • documenting UX specification
UX Design
  • designing information architecture
  • page flows
  • functional wireframes (Axure)
Implementation support
  • managing UI designer and site build contractors
  • functional specification for the client’s implementation vendors
  • support vendors until the flow was shipped

The module shipped on time, and millions of customers could pay their orders and bills on their mobile.

Personal takeaways

Learned how time management is 90% communicating early and negotiating the scope well.

I loved the impact of my work: bill payment was among the redesigned payment transactions, affecting millions of customers - including my friends and family.

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