Launching an IoT technology

Product Manager

International sales
Team building and management
Project management
Business planning
Product roadmapping
People management
Tech project management
Writing proposals
Closing sales
Prototyping and testing
As a solo consultant in partnership with

Cason Engineering Plc. provided a wide range of data collection and network monitoring technology solutions to the participants of the international energy, logistics and security market.



DIWICON AURA was a real-time location tracking system.

It consisted of an AURA Card, an active RFID beacon sending its signals to the AURA Sensors, a dynamic distributed sensor network.
The sensors triangulated the card's location every 2 seconds and sent it to our cloud, which got displayed on our web application.

It was a technology our hardware development team stumbled upon accidentally.
After I pitched our leadership to turn it into a device plus services product, I became its product manager.

AURA Sensor
Two SIM card redundant communication


Sketching out architecture for real-time alerts with my software architects
I coded the API and HTML to test the real-time alerts using websockets
Putting on my UX designer hat I designed the first UI for the product
Prototype device supporting software development
Looking for the right silicone mixture to make the devices water resistant with the industrial design team
Creating marketing materials together with the marketing team
The first batch of AURA Cards manufactured in our own factory for a pilot project.
MVP for yacht security in Croatia. The little boxes on the right along the wall are the sensors tracking the yachts.

How I did in this project?

Francis and I worked together for several years. He is one of those young talents, who is not only a great creative mind, a real creative thinker, but also hard-working, proactive, a real initiator, with meaningful content, who will never give up. I still remember well his design concepts, artistic touch on several projects we worked together for EMEA within IoT solutions. It is a real fond memory when we prepared for the Microsoft events, MS case studies, MS keynote speeches, MS partner presentations together.

Mercedesz Trum
Marketing Director, Cason Engineering Plc.