Customer-data segmentation MVP for a fintech startup

Turning a custom financial data mining solution into a product
Solo Consultant

Lead generation
Project scoping
Project planning
Stakeholder management
Closing sales
Presenting and documenting work
As a solo consultant in partnership with

Digital product design, branding and communication agency


Datcore’s parent company is a software vendor specialized in custom data warehouse solutions for Hungary’s largest bank. Datocre is its spinoff startup to turn the custom solution into a fintech product.


Datcore's parent company had a successful custom data warehouse solution used by Hungary's leading bank.
The challenge was turning this custom software into their first MVP in preparation for their first funding round.


As a contracting Product Design Lead I worked in a five person team with another UX Lead, two UI designers and a branding expert.


We designed an initial brand identity, first MVP and landing page.
Datcore was able to secure an initial investment, and operated successfully with $2.5m tunrover in 2017.


As the product’s future users were hard to reach, we relied on gatekeepers, like the Datcore team’s business analysts and sales reps.

Our process consisted of three main phases:

  1. Product strategy workshop: UVP, business goals, user groups and needs, use cases, MVP scope, project roadmap
  2. MVP UX design: IA, page flows, functional wireframes (Sketch, InVision), data visualizations, workshop between iterations
  3. MVP UI design and brand identity

The radial bar chart was a largely inappropriate visualization method, as it displayed unrelated and linear values side-by- side on an area-based chart.
However, a widely adopted competitor used the same, and financial analysts were believed to associate certain kind of information with it. Keeping it was important mostly for marketing purposes.
To circumvent its drawbacks we came up with the idea of using small multiples next to the chart to provide a glanceable overview and a rich source of discovery at the same time.

How I did in this project?

Francis was great help to us. We have worked together on fintech, ecommerce and saas products and he turned out to be an excellent research planner and ux strategist. It’s always fun working with him, both for us and our clients - an invaluable asset in meetings, workshops and also in the design process.

Adam Horn
Co-founder of Why Partners